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Volunteering with Our United Villages and The ReBuilding Center

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Volunteering with Our United Villages and The ReBuilding Center

Volunteers are vital to the operation of Our United Villages. Every day, volunteers help with the intake and sorting of donated building materials in The ReBuilding Center, reducing the flow of materials into the waste-stream and making it easier for the community to find and reuse resources.  Volunteers in our Community Legacy Program add to our community’s social vitality by helping produce Legacy Stories and host Sharing Ideas events.  Volunteers help our DeConstruction crews salvage up to 85% of a building’s major components.

As a community building and learning organization, Our United Villages is dedicated to finding ways to actively engage our volunteers.  We take joy in helping our volunteers expand upon existing talents and skill sets while discovering new ones.  There are many ways to get involved with your community through Our United Villages - drop in and visit or fill out an application below to get started!

If you are a currently active volunteer with Our United Villages and have already attended an orientation, please click the button below to access you volunteer account

Volunteer Events

Our United Villages welcomes the community to drop in and volunteer with us during special events.  No orientation or experience is needed to attend and enjoy these events.  We offer after hours work parties geared towards singles, those that are new to Portland and more.

Take a look at some of our upcoming events:

Singles Night!
A great opportunity to get to know other single people in the Portland area!  We meet on the first Monday of every month from 6-8pm.  Volunteer projects typically include the salvage of reclaimed lumber, intake and sorting of donated materials and more.  We get things kicked off on Monday, October 6th!  Click the button below to register:

New to PDX!
Join up with like-minded individuals and build that friend base here in your new city!  Local volunteers are a vibrant and wonderful part of the Rose City.  Meet some new folks and help keep usable materials out of the waste stream.  We meet up on the second Friday of every month.  Click the button below to register:

Individual Volunteers

Our United Villages’ Volunteers can get involved in nearly any aspect of the organization.  From helping us divert a daily average of 8 tons of reusable building material from the waste stream at The ReBuilding Center, to helping write Legacy Stories with our Community Legacy Program.  Become a volunteer with us and see where you can get involved! 

If you are a new volunteer, or last volunteered before October 2013, please create an online Volunteer Account and schedule yourself for an orientation. For your safety and benefit, volunteering can not begin until the orientation has been completed.  Learn more…

Court Mandated Volunteers

Our United Villages’ gladly welcomes volunteers with mandatory hours to fulfill.  Learn more…


The ReBuilding Center hosts a wide variety of volunteer groups ranging from schools to businesses to organizations, churches and more. Learn more…