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Volunteering at The ReBuilding Center

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Volunteering at The ReBuilding Center

Volunteers are vital to the operation of The ReBuilding Center. Every day, volunteers help with the intake and sorting of donated building materials, reducing the flow of materials into the waste-stream and making it easier for the community to find and reuse resources. There are a variety of ways people can volunteer with The ReBuilding Center.

If you have already attended an orientation, please click the button below to access VICNet for scheduling and to view your volunteer profile.

If you are a new community service, new individual volunteer, or last volunteered before October 2013, please create an online Volunteer Account and schedule yourself for an orientation. For your safety, volunteering can not begin until the orientation has been completed.

Select one of the options below to learn more, create your Volunteer Account, and schedule your orientation.

Individual Volunteers

Most ReBuilding Center volunteers lend a hand in the warehouse. Apply for volunteer service and explore the ways you can get involved at The ReBuilding Center online! Other important volunteer positions include Volunteer Leaders, who help the Volunteer Coordinator organize and manage projects, Creative ReUse assistants, Trade Show Volunteers and more. Learn more…

Community Service Volunteers

The ReBuilding Center welcomes community service volunteers on a case by case basis. We strive to promote an environment that is welcoming to everyone.  Learn more…

Group Volunteers

The ReBuilding Center hosts a wide variety of volunteer groups ranging from schools to businesses to organizations, churches and more. Learn more…