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The expandable list below offers a look at items you can donate and buy. Click here for a pdf version. The list below is a guideline: We can not guarantee that all items listed here are currently in stock.

We cannot accept materials containing hazardous substances:  Asbestos-containing materials, PCB’S, toxic or flammable products, batteries, contaminated plumbing, containers that may have held chemicals of any kind.

We offer a free pick up service for larger loads and specialty items. Click here to learn more.

Roofing and Insulation

  • Roofing. Three-tab and architectural shingles: new in bundles. Wood shake roofing: denailed without rot. Metal and fiberglass roofing in reusable condition.
  • Insulation: Batt insulation: clean and in bags. Rigid insulation. Duct insulation: new and contained in original box.

Lumber, Trim, and Siding

  • Dimensional lumber: minimum length 4 ft, de-nailed, and in reusable condition. Exceptions: Rough cut and beams accepted at staff discretion.
  • Trim: minimum length 5 ft, de-nailed, and in reusable condition.
  • Plywood and paneling: de-nailed, 4 ft by 4 ft or larger.
  • Siding: minimum length 3 ft, de-nailed and in reusable condition. No vinyl or wood composite siding.
  • Cannot accept: Items with peeling or chalking paint, mold, dry rot, asbestos, creosote or with insect, rodent or other pest infestations.

Glass and Mirror

  • Mirror 10 sq ft or smaller without glazing, paint, glue or backing. Straight edges must be taped. Specialty glass accepted at staff discretion.
  • Cannot accept: glue-backed or broken mirror, glass with glazing or jagged edges, unframed clear plate glass.


  • Interior and exterior residential doors in reusable condition.
  • Carriage-style garage doors.
  • Hollow core doors: pre-hung, unpainted.
  • Mirrored doors framed with metal.
  • Solid-core doors.
  • Complete door-jam sets, door tracking.
  • Aluminum screen doors.
  • Bi-fold and bi-pass doors.
  • Shower doors: clean, framed with metal and complete with track.
  • Sliding patio doors: thermal insulated with frame intact.
  • Residential security doors: with or without complete frame.
  • Cannot accept: Roll-up garage doors (except at staff discretion). Doors that are bowed, warped, or have peeling paint, drastic alterations, rot, failing seals or asbestos.


  • Double (thermal insulated) pane vinyl and wood windows: 32 sq ft or smaller with clear (non-foggy) panes and intact seals. Larger than 32 sq ft accepted at staff discretion.
  • Double (thermal insulated) pane aluminum windows: 20 sq ft or smaller with seals intact.
  • Single pane wood windows (with or without frame): 32 sq ft or smaller. Only accepted if it is divided light, casement opening or specialty. Larger than 32 sq ft accepted at staff discretion.
  • Metal framed storm windows accepted for recycling only.
  • Blinds & curtain rods: wooden only.
  • Shutters
  • Window screens.
  • Cannot accept: Windows w/ crumbling glazing or peeling paint, plastic curtain rods, plastic/metal blinds, curtains, drapes, roll-up shades. Broken seals on double pane.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

  • Full kitchen cabinet sets, individual cabinets and vanities—complete with doors and drawers—and in reusable condition.
  • Loose cabinet drawers and doors—solid wood only.
  • Shelves—solid wood.
  • Complete shelf units & bookshelves.
  • Particleboard/melamine items must be in excellent condition with no damage or delamination.
  • Cannot accept: cabinet shells, loose melamine drawers, doors or shelves.


  • Low flow, must be marked 1.6 gallons/flush or less. Exception: some pre-1940 models. Clean and complete with lid and free of cracks or chips. Exception: hairline cracks in vintage porcelain.
  • Accepted at staff discretion: Custom colors (avocado, blue, etc.)


  • All types of white, metallic, and neutral-colored sinks—must be free of chips, cracks, deep scratches or severe stains (exceptions: rare or vintage models).
  • Wall mount sinks with wall bracket (if possible).
  • Accepted at staff discretion: Custom colors (avocado, blue, etc.)


  • All types of white, and neutral-colored bathtubs—must be free of chips, peeling finish, deep scratches, heavy caulking, glues or severe stains. (Exceptions: claw foot tubs and rare or vintage models).
  • Jetted tubs with working motor
  • Soaking tubs
  • Shower stalls: one piece without cracks. 
  • Accepted at staff discretion: Custom colors (avocado, blue, etc.)
  • Cannot accept: Hot tubs or fiberglass tubs without motors.

Appliances, Furnaces, Woodstoves

  • Appliances: less than 10 years old in working order (exception: specialty, vintage, and those in reusable condition with full kitchen cabinet set).
  • Furnaces: less than 10 years old in working order.
  • Woodstoves and Pellete Stoves: DEQ or EPA certified ONLY
  • Fireplace covers, screens, tools, manufactured logs and logholders.
  • Cannot accept: Dishwashers without stainless steel interiors and 3 years old or newer, baseboard and wall heaters, microwaves, square heat ducting and fireplace heat blowers.


  • Metal fencing. Chain link rolled up without debris
  • Wooden fencing: without rot and in reusable condition
  • Gates
  • Plastic or vinyl fencing in excellent condition
  • Wood and metal railings
  • Cannot accept: Items with peeling or chalking paint, mold, dry rot, asbestos, creosote or with insect, rodent or other pest infestations.

Carpet, Flooring, Bricks, and Pavers

    Carpet Squares:
  • Carpet squares: without excessive adhesive.
  • Cannot Accept: Rolled carpet, carpet pads, or carpet track strips.
  • Tile
  • Whole, no chips or grout. Standard sizes Ceramic 10 sq.ft. or more. Exceptions: decorative, bullnose, specialty. Stone tiles.
  • Vinyl floor tiles: full boxes, 10 years or newer
  • Marmoleum.
  • Granite and marble slabs: 2 ft x 2 ft or larger
  • Cannot Accept: Linoleum.
  • Wood flooring
  • 2 ft. or longer, denailed, no glue or mastic.
  • Manufactured wood flooring: new in the box, 10 sq. ft. or more.
  • Bricks and Pavers:
  • Whole and without mortar.
  • Cement blocks and pavers.
  • Bricks: a small amount of mortar accepted at staff discretion.


  • Light fixtures
  • Glass shades and globes
  • Florescent lights: 4 ft or smaller, residential voltage. If ballast, cannot contain PCBs.
  • Commercial current (277) fixtures accepted at staff discretion
  • Ceiling fans with hanging brackets
  • Cannot accept: incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Hardware: door, plumbing, lighting, fasteners, hangers, etc.
  • Hand tools. Power tools accepted at staff discretion.
  • Ceiling tiles in box, 10 years or newer.
  • Sheetrock: full sheets (4 ft x 8 ft), accepted at staff discretion.
  • Cannot accept: Light switches, dimmers, or electrical outlets of any kind. Desks or office partitions (exception: solid wood vintage). Smoke detectors, thermostats. Liquids/powders (paints, grout, etc.). Loose fill insulation.



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