ReUse Ideas

About the ReUse Ideas Project

Our United Villages inspires people to value and discover existing resources to strengthen the social and environmental vitality of communities.

The ReUse Ideas Project was born from a desire to encourage people to engage in creative reuse. Creative reuse involves discovering new purposes for salvaged materials, such as turning a door into a table or using a toilet as a planter. Creative reuse is a vital component of the ethos at The ReBuilding Center, where used materials often rely on the ingenuity of design to bring them back to life.

What makes the ReUse Ideas Project so special is that it is driven by the visitors and friends of The ReBuilding Center. We invite anyone and everyone to submit photos and descriptions of projects that incorporate salvaged materials. Whether you are making a bookshelf, building a chicken coop or re-designing your entire house, sharing these projects inspires others to become engaged in creative reuse and propels the movement towards a more beautiful and sustainable world!

In addition, participants receive a 10% off coupon for their next ReBuilding Center purchase, entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 gift card as well as the good feeling that comes with inspiring creative genius in others.

The ReUse Ideas Project is still very much in the works. We encourage you to give us feedback on how we can make this project more useful and effective.

In the meantime, you can look forward to features of ReUse Ideas on this blog in addition to a permanent ReUse Ideas library in the Community Resource Area of the warehouse. The library features extraordinary examples of reuse projects from TRC visitors and friends, tips and tricks from ReFind Furniture and a plethora of great ideas to inspire your next reuse adventure!

ReUse Idea Library

ReUse Ideas

Would you like to have your reuse idea featured on the website? Click here to find out how you can submit a project and receive a 10% discount for purchases at The ReBuilding Center's warehouse.